Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Firmware upgrade for Samsung Camera

Unlike my HS25EXR finepix camera which allows firmware upgrade by copying the latest upgrade firmware to an sd card, the Samsung requires a Windows OS computer and the Intelli-Studio software. We are a Linux user and for those wishing to upgrade should head to this link: Samsung support, firmware upgrade.

Burst mode shooting and other settings in the WB150F camera

I thought the WB150F has no burst shooting modes, but it has! It is available when the MODE dial is at Program or ASM(Aperture, Shutter, Manual) shooting modes. Press on the MENU button at the back to access various settings.
  • EV controlled in 1/3 steps from -2 to 2.
  • White Balance [AWB, Daylight, Cloudy, Flurescent_LTungsten, Color Temp]
  • ISO [Auto, 80, 100, 200, 400, 800,1600, 3200]
  • Flash [Off, fill in, Slow Sync]
  • Focus [Normal AF, Manual Focus, Macro]
  • Focus Area [Center AF, MLti AF,Selection AF,..., Tracking AF]
  • Face Detection [Off, Normal , Self-Portrait, Smile Shot, Blink Detection, Smart Face Recognition]
  • Smart FR Edt [My Star]
  • Photo size , nine available sizes!
  • Quality [ Supe Fine, Fine, Normal ]
  • ACB [Off, On]
  • Metering [Multi, Spot, Center-weighted]
  • Timer [Off, 10 Sec, 2 Sec, Double]
  • Drive[Single, Continuous, Motion Capture, AEB]
  • Image Adjust [Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation]
  • OIS [OFF, ON]
  • Intelli Zoom[Off, On]
  • Movie Size [HD, VGA, OVGA, 320 Web Sharing]
  • Sound [Sound Alive On, Sound Alive Off]
The burst modes is available in the Drive setting.
  1. Single - One photo each time you press the shutter.
  2. Continuous - continuously take photos as long as the shutter button is depressed, limited by the card memory.
  3. Motion Capture- Continuously take photos at 5 or more photos per second (photo size will be fixed.)
  4. AEB - Continuously shoot 3 photos with different exposure values.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Quick Reference for WB150F camera?

  • How can I shoot more photos in a day with this camera?

  • The camera uses the Samsung SLB-10A 3/.7 volts 1050 mAh/3.9 Wh Li-Ion battery pack. I bought two extra spare batteries and always carry them with me. I have them fully recharged at night. I also have a small belt camera bag. I have no excuse NOT to bring the camera with me. But sometimes I have to reposition the bag because the zipper was facing downwards! I have a 32 Gbytes SDHC, Class 10 memory card from Fujitsu. I bought it from CDRKing. Always check whether the card is inside the camera! I think it is a good idea to have an extra SD card in the camera bag.
  • I want to shoot in silent mode with the camera

  • Select Settings (the one with the gear symbol) then press MENU button. The first item is Sound and you can control the overall volume from [Off, Low, Medium, High]. For extreme stillness, choose the Off position. Otherwise you can toggle the Beep, Shutter, Start and AF sounds.
  • I need guidlines to help me compose and align the camera for the scene.
    Under Settings/Display, choose [Guide Line]. You will be presented with OFF, 3X3, 2X2, Cross and Diagonal. Select one of the non-off. I personally prefer the 3x3, while others prefer Diagonal!
  • How do you transfer the image files in the SD card to the computer or Facebook?

  • You have thee ways to do this!
    1. Turn off the camera, (ensure the lens is closed), and remove the sdcard. Insert it into the card reader slot of the computer.
    2. turn off the camera. attach interface cable to your computer and view the photos using image viewing and transfer software.
    3. I have not been successful with this using WIFI. Use the WIFI capability to upload files to Facebook. I find it simply more convenient to copy using the SD card then use a computer.

  • Where is the format function for this camera?

  • It is always better to format than to erase ALL image files in your camera.You can find it in Settings/General/Format. Be careful with this function!
TO BE CONTINUED ....... Editing records:
january 8, 2013.First version
to our readers. Do you have a question witht this camera. I may have time to investigate what this camera can do to help.

What's available in the MENU for Programmed P mode of the camera

Menu structure when clicking the MENU button Program mode
  • EV
  • - Set the exposure value to adjust the brightness increasing the value makes the photo brighter while decreasing the value make the photo darker Using the left and right navigation keys [Flash and timer] one can select from [0, 0.3, 0.7, 1.0, 1.3, 1.7, 2.0] The increment is 1/3= 0.3333333333.
  • White Balance
    • AWB - Auto WB, camera automatically sets the white balance.
    • Daylight- appropriate for outdoor photography on a clear day
    • Cloudy - appropriate for outdoor photography on a cloudy day
    • Fluorescent_H - Appropriate for photography under daylight fluorescent light.
    • Flourescent_L - Appropriate for photography under white fluorescent light.
    • Tungsten - Appropriate for photography under halogen or incandescent light.
    • Color Temp. - Manually set color temperature to match the hue of a specific light source.
  • ISO
  • Set the sensitivity of sensor among the preset ISO values [Auto, 80, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200]. Generally the higher settings results in greater sensitivity but more noise in the image.
  • Flash
  • Set flash setting from [Off
    • Auto - automatically discharge the flash in the dark.
    • Red-eye - automatically discharge the flash in the dark and reduce redness in the eyes(red-eye).
    • Fill-in - Always discharge the flash.
    • Slow sync - illuminate both subject and background.
    • Red-eye fix- Automatically detect and remove the red-eye effect.
  • Focus
  • Available modes: Nomal (AF), Manual Focus, Macro
  • Focus Area
  • Center AF - focus on the rectangle at the center. Multi AF - focus on Multiple areas of the screen Selection AF- focus on selected area Tracking AF. focus and track on the subject.
  • Face Detection
    • Off - turn off face detection
    • Normal - detect and focus on a face.The exposure value is adjusted for a face.
    • Self-Portrait- detect and focus on a face, and beep to notify the position of the face.
    • Smile Shot - Automatically take a photo by detecting a smiling face.
    • Blink Detection - The camera will take 2 pictures when it detects the subject's eyes are closed.
    • Smart Face Recgnition-The camera automatically recognized registered faces and sets appropriate focus and exposure.
  • Smart FR Edit
  • My Star - You can register up to 5 images per face. To increase face detection rate, try to fit the face angle into the guide.
  • Photo Size
  • Normally I just set to highest photo size since I have a 32 Gbytes SD card.
    • 14m - 4320 X 3240
    • 12m - 4320 X 2880
    • 10m - 4320 X 2432
    • 10m 3648 X 2736
    • 8m - 2832 X 2832
    • 5m - 2592 X 1944
    • 3m - 1984 X 1488
    • 2m - 1920 X 1080
    • 1m - 1024 X 768
  • Quality
  • Select from SF-superfine, F-Fine and N-Normal
  • ACB
  • Set either to Off or On.
  • Metering
  • Select from
    • Multi- Automatically measures the brightness by detecting various intensities on the scene. ,
    • Spot - Measure the brightness of the marked, focused are in the center
    • Center-weighted- Measure the brightness around the center of the screen.
  • timer
  • Select from [Off, 10 Sec, 2 Sec, Double- camera fires first shot 10 seconds and another 2 seconds after]
  • Drive
  • Single. Continuous, Motion Capture, AEB
  • Image Adjust
  • Select from [Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation]
  • OIS
  • Sets the OIS image stabilization feature to ON or OFF.
  • Intelli Zoom
  • Set the intelligent zoom to ON or OFF. Zoom into the desired scene while having less distortion than digital zoom. The resolution changes when depending on the zooming scale when using Intelli Zoom
  • Movie Size
  • Select from [HD: 1280 X 720, VGA: :640X 480, OVGA:320 X 240, and 320Web: for sharing]
  • Voice
  • [Sound Alive ON, Sound Alive OFf, and Mute]
You have more control features under P mode than SMART or Auto mode! For example, the P mode offers 5 settings whereas the SMART mode offers only 2 settings ON and OFF. The sad fact is that SMART mode does not offer adjustment of the extremely useful EV setting.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Photographing the moon at night

The camera has not problem photographing the moon in a bright day in Auto mode. At night, the camera might just record a featureles glare of disk. Here is a photo of the moon just shot today at 7:50pm December 27, 2012. Instead of the flat glowing disk I usually get, I get the "man on the moon" in P or Programmed mode using the EV setting of -1.5! That's right! -1.5 with a negative sign. That is counterintuitive, but it works!
Here is a cropped image of the moon photo above. Here we see the familiar features!
The information displayed for this image says
ISo 320
F. No. 4.5
Shutter 1/90
Flass OFF
Photo size 4320x3240
That is not my best photo of the moon at night. Here is one with an EV value of -2.0!, and taken on the night of December 24, 2012.
Photo information: ISO 80, speed 1/250, f5.1 december 24, 2012.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Buy inexpensive backup batteries at 5th floor of SM Annex!

You should not get mad at the strange battery indicator of the Samsung which does not show the gradual losss of power while using the camera. What you should do is to have at least two extra batteries on hand when that happens! Buy your battery backups at Battery Channel Corporation, located in SM North Annex, 5th floor, Quezon City. It will set you back for a low low price of P610 pesos each! Hurry as they frequently run out of stock.

My Samsung WB150F is back!

I do not know where my receipt of sale was, so I was not able to take advantage of the warranty of the my Samsung camera. Instead I gave the camera to my brother, who is a Mechanical Engineer by profession and gave permission to have it opened and repair it if possible. Last Friday, he told me that he was successsful in fixing the zoom problem! What hed did was simply to move physically some of the contacts and the connectors. Maybe they were misaligned last October 15 when I went home to Bacolod. That brightened my day considerably and I was able to shoot scenes with the camera last Friday and even today. I will post links to the Facebook photo albums later. Thank you again, Nonoy Danny, you saved me a lot of money, P12,000 if I have to buy an new one. Actually prices of cameras are falling down and you can have the Samsung camera for only P9,999. I will shoot more often with this camera. I want to get the full value with it and want to write more about it in this blog.